Reliable and thorough

We are a small local charity, who rely on having a bookkeeper who is able to keep on top of our income and outgoings and provide regular reports so we can focus on the running of the business. Torben is very reliable, always prompt and polite and I would recommend his services.

Tax Returns

I run a local Removal Company, and have little time to spend on keeping my books in order. TDS Bookkeeping are very professional, and have been of great help to me over the years. Torben would take my paperwork away, and return a set of accounts and also file my self-assessment tax return. I would recommend his service to anyone. Great work.


Help With HMRC Tax Returns

I received a request from HMRC to complete several years worth of self assessment tax returns, which I was having difficulty getting my head around. TDS Bookkeeping took these off my hands and explained what paperwork was needed and then completed all the returns before the deadline. I would definitely recommend TDS Bookkeeping's services.

Troy Linton

Reliable and thorough

I have a sports accessories business and have relied on TDS Bookkeeping to handle the managing of my books for the past year. Torben is a 'brainiac' who I trust and value greatly. Without question, he is the most thorough bookkeeper I have used for 21 years. I highly recommend his services. TourDri